a modification to run-parts to run scripts according to embedded date/time information.
The tarball: run-timed-parts.tgz
usage:		./run-timed-parts [--all]  [-v]

Purpose:	Run all scripts in the specified directory that match
		the current time

Description:	./run-timed-parts 
		runs any script in the specified directory that contains
		date-time data to match the current time.  It must be invoked
		by a user's crontab entry.
		Placed in a user's cron.d/cron.(hourly | daily | weekly)
		directory, a script will be run when the date-time
		matches that specified in the "MONTH:" etc lines below.

		Output from scripts is appended to /cron.log

		run-timed-parts will look for the 
		"run-timed-parts date info"
		line and then read the MONTH, DWEEK, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE
		lines.  If a variable is missing, blank or contains the 
		current month, day, hour... it is assumed the script is 
		to be run.  If any variable contains a value and this is 
		_not_ the current month, day, hour, the script will be
		skipped.  To run at more than one but not all minutes, 
		use a comma separated list for the MINUTE entry.

		run-timed-parts will source the user's .bash_profile before
		running any scripts.

		If a script needs to run in a specific directory, it should 
		be stored in that directory and symlinked from run-timed-parts's 
		working directory

		Scripts are tested and run sequentially.  If one script takes more 
		than one minute to execute, the next script will not run since its
		date/time entry will no longer match current time.

Options:	--all	Run all scripts listed for this time even if they run
		into the next minute.

		-v	Be verbose

example:	# MINUTE: 10
		# HOUR: 0
		# DAY: 7
		# DWEEK: 1
		# MONTH: 5
		will run at 00:10 on monday 7th may

example:	# MINUTE: 15
		# HOUR: 20
		# DAY: 
		# DWEEK: 3
		will run at 20:15 every wednesday

example:	# MINUTE: 35, 45, 55
		# HOUR: 
		# DAY: 
		will run at 35, 45 and 55 minutes past each hour

		Note that, unlike cron, DAY and DWEEK must both match for 
		the script to run.

Author:	Conor Daly
Date:		10th October 2005
License:	GPL

The following lines must exist to enable a run-timed-parts script:

# run-timed-parts date info
# DAY: 2
# HOUR: 
# MINUTE: 35